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you are fireworks lit at sunriseyou are summer moonrise
Loving someone you can’t have
Makes every day an eternity
It’s hard to breathe without you
My lungs catch fire at the mention of your name
My eyes hurt when they aren’t looking into yours
My skin burns without your presence gracing it
Loving someone you can’t have
Makes this life feel
Like it is not worth living


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You have poetry in your walk
And metaphors in your veins
I’ve missed you since we’ve been apart
And seeing you
Every day
Shakes my insides
To a point of madness
That makes me lose sleep
And smile at sad things
You signed your name on my heart
In graffiti
And tattooed your breath on my lungs
I don’t remember what “coming home” feels like
But I do know that you are the only
Thing I want to cozy up to
After a long day
You have honesty in your eyes
And your kisses are vanilla
I’ve longed for your warmth since you let me leave
And to this day, being around you


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trace your mind across my skin
whisper all your secrets into my bones
and kiss your dreams into my lungs
i promise i will keep them all safe
and keep you warm
upon the cold winter months ahead of us.
draw me a map of your fears
and paint me a sky of your desires
tell me that all of my efforts to be yours
are worth something
and tell me that you will not let me leave this time
even if i try
because love is scary
and sometimes i’ll try to run away from the monsters
that i’ve named “loneliness” and “fear”
but you are the only person who can make me feel safe
and as if i am falling off the edge of something infinite
all at the same time
so please
give me a chance to show you
that we live in a world full of people who will pretend to care
but no one could want you as much as i do

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Carico Lake turquoise // This mine has a higher zinc content than typical turquoise, resulting in fantastically bright colors. These beauties are some of the best from my collection of this mine’s material. I’m in the process of reorganizing all my turquoise and when I got to these I had to share them with you all! (at Soliloquy Jewelry Studio)